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Is Silver the next Palladium

Palladium was manipulated for years. It had the largest short position relative to its size, while physical demand rose inversely to decreasing supply. Could Silver be next? Watch this video on Is Silver the next Palladium, then please share with your friends and family on social media and use the caption: Is Silver the next Palladium.

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Oregon’s Cannabis Glut: Great For Consumers, Not So Much For Producers

By Phillip Smith | |  Drivers heading north on I-5 in southern Oregon not only enjoy the region’s towering mountains and evergreen forests, they are also treated to the occasional enticement. At various points along the way, giant billboards appear, shouting out messages like “NEED WEED? Exit Here” and the succinct “MARIJUANA! This exit.” And when motorists pull off the highway and wander into those shops, they’re finding weed at unbelievable prices. One shop offered grams of the popular Blue Dream strain for $2, and bargain-hunting buyers could walk out with an ounce for only $45. A number of other strains were also available for $100 an ounce or less. It’s no fluke. Walk into any pot shop in...

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